The IFPASA makes the process of becoming a Personal Trainer simple and easy for you.


The IFPA is based in Florida in the United States. Since its inception, the IFPA has qualified over 300 000 trainers worldwide. Although all classes and lectures are given locally, all exams are marked at the IFPA headquarters in Florida, giving the student an international diploma in personal training.

The IFPA is extremely proud to have NCAA, NOCA and EREPS. Both our full time and correspondence courses carry all of these accreditations. The IFPA South Africa offers over 100 continuing education courses, to keep you, the personal trainer, up to date with all the latest information and techniques in the fitness industry. Recently the IFPA was ranked by Livestrong as one of the top ten best personal training courses in the world.


The IFPA South Africa wants to turn your passion for health and fitness into a career. Do what you love and love what you do. Don’t become just any trainer. Be the best and become an IFPA South Africa personal trainer. Since its inception, the IFPA has qualified over 300 000 personal trainers worldwide.


The IFPA South Africa makes becoming a personal trainer simple for you. We offer both full time and correspondence courses. Your study material can be shipped to you anywhere in South Africa or the world. You have up to six months to take the exam but if you are not ready to take the exam after the six months has passed, we can arrange an extension for you.


Our personal training courses are competitively priced. We offer two correspondence packages to suit your budget. Our full time course, which runs for up to 16 weeks, is one of the cheapest in the market. All our courses are accredited by the NCAA (National Certification for Certifying Agencies – formerly the NOCA or ICE: Institute for Credentialing Excellence).


The IFPA South Africa provides the most practical certification and education programmes in the industry. The focus of the IFPA is to take the most essential, scientifically based knowledge and transform it into skills and abilities, to enable you to conduct personal training, safely and effectively. The IFPA certification Commission, Subject Matter Experts and Faculty are all deeply involved in the fitness industry and have highly successful careers of their own.

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